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What is your ECO-PROFILE?

01. Captain Planet

You got Captain Planet. As a warrior for the environment you can call on all the elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water to rev up the nature spirit of Gaia to re-cycle, up-cycle, and reverse-cycle your way to eco-nirvana.

02. Leonardo Dicaprio

You got Leo. With a supermodel on each arm you travel the world in a private jet telling everyone the woes of our natural environment and raising awareness of the new Prius.

03. Donald J. Trump

You got the Donald. Oh dear – things are looking bleak for sea otters and other creatures that rely on oxygen and water to live – which unfortunately includes humans.

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  • Pardon Me, I’ve Got Gas

    Cows produce more methane than the oil industry does, with 20 percent of North America’s methane gas emissions being produced by farmed cattle burps and farts.

  • Paleo or Prius?

    In a Harvard study published last year, the author Daniel Thorpe has determined that a Paleo cyclist who consumed mostly meat could ultimately be contributing more to climate change than a vegan or vegetarian driving a low-emission vehicle, or in some cases even a typical car.

  • #killtheKcup

    In 2014, enough K-Cup coffee pods were sold that if placed end-to-end, they would circle the globe 10.5 times. Almost all of them ended up in landfills and they are not recyclable.

  • Is your Printer a Vampire?

    ‘Vampire Power’ is the term used to describe the electricity drawn from an outlet when the device is not in use but is plugged in. A laser-printer sitting idle consumes 17 watts – the same as the average consumption of a fridge-freezer.

  • Packing Light

    If every airline passenger reduced their luggage by 10kg, they would collectively save 4 tonnes of C02 emissions per year – that’s half the emissions for the whole of the UK per annum.

  • Beef Trumps Broccoli?

    If you measured the climate impact of food based on calorie value, not all veggies are created equal. For example if you stopped eating beef, you can’t replace a kilogram of it, which has 2,280 calories, with a kilogram of broccoli, at 340 calories. You have to replace it with 6.7 kilograms of broccoli which would have a significantly higher environmental impact to produce.

  • Australia vs. Your Wardrobe

    The worldwide clothing industry is responsible for approximately 850 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. To put this in perspective, the whole of Australia emits about 390 million metric tonnes a year – worth considering when you’re looking at that extra pair of Nikes.

  • My Dogs Ate Bangladesh

    According to the Worldwatch Institute book ‘State of the World 2012: Moving Toward Sustainable Prosperity’, two German Shepherds use more resources just for their annual food needs than the average Bangladeshi uses each year in total.

  • Could Beer Power Your City?

    The gas used for malting, brewing and distilling beer each year consumes enough energy to heat 2,286,000 households – or a city slightly bigger than Dublin.

  • Mobile Phones Killed The Gorilla Star

    In 2010 the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) announced that gorillas in the Congo may be extinct by the mid-2020s – mainly due to deforestation required to mine for the metal Coltan which is used in the production of mobile phones.

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